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Moving forward & evolve your business through social media

With the spread of COVID-19, many of us are working from home and practicing social distancing for the safety of Singapore. For business, Many are taking the hit from this pandemic.


Covid19 has accelerated digital transformation for many industries. Many business owners have had a wake up call to establish their social media presence under much pressure of losing their customers during this period. If you are going through this grind, I hope my tips will be able to help you to move your business forward with social media.

SMART goals give you clarity and helps to develop goals that are practical and achievable. The more details you consider during your strategising phase, the smoother the process after. Your SMART goals should also include content pillars of your brand. These pillars not only help you generate content on a weekly basis but also establish a brand values, the values you believe as a brand.

One reminder when you are planning, always keep in mind about your target audience.

Who is your audience?

There’s a saying that I want to share with you - ’Everyone’ is no one.

It may sounds funny but when you are marketing something, the essential questions you should ask yourself should include:

1) Who is your target audience?

2) Who is the target audience that I am marketing to?

3) What is the Persona that I want to market to?

4) What will interest this Persona to notice my brand?

Find your personal touch to your target audience.

You can check out the Insight section on your social media platforms and diver deeper into your audience. Your strategy should includes the timings, number of post/week and what kind of content that can relate with your audience.


Your brand should always have its own unique personality. If you have established your content pillars by now, you should be able to discover some of your brand’s unique personality and differentiating factors. You should be relatable to your audience more than just a brand. Let me give you an example of a celebrity Mr Famous Singer and his fans.

Mr Famous Singer is a singer that has won several awards recognising his singing skills and talents. He has always been sharing his life on social media with his fans and occasionally he interacts with his fans on social media. His fans love him and his concert tickets always sell out in minutes.

On one occasion, Mr Famous Singer was criticised on social media because he sang badly during his concert, his fans defended him by cheering him on and posting his many other high standards performances. They also left encouraging comments and say that they will support him no matter what. Do you think Mr Famous Singer know majority of his or her fans? Practically, no but why are the fans so quick to defend someone that they pay to watch and in fact have no actual relation to them?

The fact is that Mr Famous Singer have been marketing his unique personality targeting at a certain Persona. Over time, the ‘relationship’ is built between the fans and him make the fans feel like they know each other and eventually they become advocates of the Mr Famous Singer that will support and defend when needed.

At this point, you might be thinking ‘how does this example related to me? I think it is a waste of time.’ but wait, what if Mr Famous Singer is your brand? What will you do to convert One time customers to Clients and eventually Advocates that will support you no matter what?

A simple way is to let your audience in to see what you do behind the scene. Let them understand more of your work process and through that, the values you display as a brand. Help your audience relate to you better. The more ways you can make them relate to you, the more they will come back to you. Always remember not to be a faceless brand with ZERO personality.


Optimisation is the use of social media networks to manage and grow an organization’s message and online presence. Help your social media platforms be more visible on Google. It helps interested people find you easier and vice versa, help you sell to people you are interested in. They give you a great opportunity to reflect your brand. Facebook can help you get high-quality backlinks so it is important to make sure that relevant keywords are included in your profile.

Several good ways to Facebook optimisation include

  1. Creating a unique URL for your Facebook Page

  2. Post fresh, interactive and fun content including videos, questions and poll. (FB Story)

  3. Optimising keywords on Information section.

I hope my tips will be able to give you clarity and some guidance on the path of building a better brand. If you need help or clarification, please feel free to contact us to find out more on how we can help you on your path of business growth. We win you clients through curated content.


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