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3 Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing


1) Make your profile picture easily recognizable

The profile picture represents your image of your Facebook business. With a picture that is recognizable, your followers can now identify you easily and increases the chances of getting more Likes and click ins.

2) Post at the GOLDEN HOUR/S

Study your Likes and Follows trend. Cross check what is the time where you get the most likes and follows and start posting during those GOLDEN HOUR/S.

3) Tailor your content to your target audience

Facebook’s targeting tools and the correct content works hand in hand to help you reach your target audience and engage them.


1) Do not leave your company’s ‘About’ section blank

The ‘About’ section tells your audience what you can do for them and what you believe in. A blank section tells no story about your business.

2) Don’t post too often

I know you are excited to share content with your target audience but do remember to be poise about it. Flooding their feed will in fact turn them off or scare them away.

3) Don’t just focus on the content

No matter how good your content is but if they all look the same on your page, it will never attract followers.

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